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Things are better off this way
Wish you never ever knew my name
Wish I never said hi `cause you got really cute eyes
I don`t wanna cut ties just to kiss your face
So things are better this way
Get out of my brain, I`m out of my lane
I`m not playing this game
I know I`ll be fine, I can tell you tell lies
And I hope you don`t mind that I turn away

`Cause you`ll just do it again
And you`ll fuck all my friends, and you`ll just fuck with my head
And I`m so done with the mess you left embedded in lead
I want you out of my life, I`m sick of all of your lies
I`m sick of all the little things you used to do with my mind
`Cause you`ll just do it again
You just love to pretend to be innocent
Fuck you, I think you`re insignificant
Don`t you look at my eyes, go and say your goodbyes
You fucked up bad, and now you`re wasting my time

You treated me wrong, I`m so glad you`re gone
Why can`t I move on?
You fill me with hate, you made my heart break
Still, I can`t escape
I tried and I tried, but I`m left dead inside
And you`re killing me slowly without even knowing
Well, love is a cost, and both of us lost
It went on way too long
Like it never would end `til the day that we`re dead
And both of us are gone
I tried and I tried, we both have lost our minds
I felt so sick to my stomach, but I know that you love it

You made my heart break and my stomach ache
And in my mouth you left a terrible taste
Why do I love you still?
I got physically ill from every shitty thing you made me feel
Yuh, and it`s so cold, but what do I know?
I got somebody in my psyche hittin` high notes
I got nobody on my side, I`m a psycho
Might go at night, I`m a boy with a knife, woah
Thank God every night for my nice home
Even if I wish I`d die, I`m alright bro
Thoughts stay inside my mind with a light code
Life goes on and on.

Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer, record producer, and comedian.

Oliver Tree

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