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Bling‐Bang‐Bang‐Born Ringtone

Bling Bang Bang Born Video


Cheats, gifted, rough skills, wanted
Taboo, forbidden ways, blind spots
Violations, another dimension, not of this world
Impossible Game, you haven’t heard of it…
Ay, rivals echoing each other
Wow, rivals echoing each other
Bug, fluke, won’t admit it for sure
Really? Is all this… done without any help?

It’s real, it’s real, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Bling-bang-bang, bling-bang-bang-born
Bling-bang-bang, bling-bang-bang-born.

Creepy Nuts

Bling‐Bang‐Bang‐Born Ringtone Download

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Genres: Creepy Nuts (1) - J-Pop (3) - Japanese (28) - Musical Group (5)

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